Welcome to Reek Elementary School where 125 students grow and learn together, from 3K through 8th Grade, in an academically challenging and nurturing environment. Reek School has a rich history in Walworth County with its formation tracing back to 1848. Over the years, the school has remained responsive to the community it serves and has produced outstanding students.

Education at Reek School is both rigorous and fun. Our highly qualified staff members understand child development and incorporate hands-on learning to engage the whole child. We believe in focusing on individual student needs – academic, social, and emotional. To this end, we emphasize character education throughout the school. We also integrate technology into the curriculum so our students are prepared for higher-level learning.

Parents play an important role in Reek School. We welcome parent involvement at all levels and believe in developing partnerships with parents as we work together on the important task of educating children.

All children can learn, and we will explore the best ways of helping children to learn. We are committed to helping children love learning and become successful citizens in our world.

Dr. Samantha Polek

District Administrator

Samantha Polek