Facilities Planning

Many districts in the State, including ours, Linn Jt. 6 School District (Reek Elementary School), are grappling with funding shortages, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in addressing these challenges. As a result, the School Board is seeking input on how best to serve our students and community, inviting all stakeholders to participate in this survey to voice their ideas. Despite proactive debt management efforts and early repayments saving significant funds, we still face financial hurdles, prompting the need to address capital and operational shortfalls through a proposed $4.1 million capital referendum and a $320,000 operating referendum with minimal tax impact.

The District faces financial constraints compounded by stagnant state funding and escalating costs such as teacher shortages, healthcare expenses, and inflation. Despite implementing cost-cutting measures such as staff sharing and resource optimization, persistent budget shortfalls remain. To improve educational quality and address critical facility and operational needs, the proposed referenda seek funding for essential upgrades, including designated spaces for a cafeteria, physical education, and music, alongside security enhancements. These initiatives aim to uphold our strong fiscal responsibility while engaging the community to ensure the best educational opportunities for students, both now and in the future.

Please continue to watch for updates here, via email and social media channels, as we prepare for a potential November 5, 2024 referendum. We encourage you to reach out to members of our School Board or District Administrator, Tami Martin if you have questions.

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