Frequently Asked Questions

How can I Open Enroll my children to Reek School?

The state of Wisconsin offers Open Enrollment so that parents have more choice as to which school their children may attend. The Open Enrollment process is accomplished online through the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) website. Parents need to fill out the form online, and they need to do this in a specific time frame which is February through April, 2014. After the open enrollment window closes, parents will be contacted by the home school and the chosen school to see if students have been accepted into the chosen school.

How can I help my child with a bullying problem?
Schools work very hard to create a climate of tolerance and acceptance. At Reek School we have a character education program that is instilled in all grade levels in all classrooms. When bullying occurs, it often stems from preconceived notions about people and from lack of experience with others. Education is a huge part of preventing bullying. Teachers take time to help students get to know one another and learn to appreciate differences. Our various backgrounds and different cultures create a rich tapestry of learning and add to the overall strength of a school - just as the many immigrants to the United States created our great country. When we focus on respecting one another and celebrating diversity, we build tolerance and acceptance.

If a child is being bullied, it is critical that a parent or a child informs the school staff. Only when we know what is happening can we step in and try to build relationships and understanding. Please speak to a teacher or to the principal. No situation when a child feels afraid or negative is too small to alert the school staff.

How do teachers at Reek School meet the needs of ALL learners?
In any given classroom, the student demographics might be quite varied. For example, some students may speak a language other than English as their native language. Sometimes students come from homes where money is tight enough to allow the student to qualify for free and reduced lunch, while other students come from affluence. Consider students' physical and emotional states - you can easily see how varied students can be even though they may be the same age. Students in the same classroom may be several grade levels different in terms of reading comprehension and language development. So how do we reach all learners?

The answer lies in a term called "differentiation." This is a process by which teachers identify the specific learning needs of their students and then provide appropriate instruction. It means that teachers will not be using the same text to teach all students. They will also allow students to show their knowledge through different processes such as taking a test, writing an essay, performing a play or creating a model.

At Reek School our small class sizes and the close collaboration among colleagues enhance the way in which we differentiate and provide the correct remediation or enrichment.