Reek Elementary School


Listed below you will find the Reek School Staff Directory for the 2016-2017 school year.  If you wish to contact a staff member, please feel free to reach out to them through the phone number/extension listed or copy and paste their email address into your electronic mail system.  Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns please do contact us at your earliest convenience!
Reek School Staff Directory 2016-2017
TeachersPositionPhone NumberEmail Address

Mrs. Michelle
ext 221                                      
Mrs. Stephanie Bailey   
5K262-248-4120 ext 219
Mrs. Samantha Merrill
1st grade
262-248-4120 ext 216
Mrs. Sarah Austin
2nd grade
262-248-4120 ext 209
Mrs. Katie Steadman
3rd grade
262-248-4120 ext 220
Mrs. Nancy Castelein
4th grade
262-248-4120 ext 221
Mr. Hank Peters
5th-8th grade Science and Social Studies262-248-4120 ext
Mrs. Melissa Snelling
LD/ED Instructional Resource Teacher
262-248-4120 ext 224
Mrs. Kati Kozlowski
5th-8th grade Math
262-248-4120 ext 212
Mrs. Elizabeth Narut
5th-8th Teacher Communications Director/Technology Liaison  262-248-4120 ext 213
Mrs. Ashley Miu
5th-8th grade Language Arts
262-248-4120 ext 217
Mr. Craig Matthiesen
Physical Education
262-248-4120 ext 206
Mr. Ray Ames
262-248-4120 ext 228
Mr. Mark Wenzel
General Music/Choir
262-248-4120 ext 218
Mrs. Carie Ruhl
Librarian/Reading Specialist
262-248-4120 ext 204
Mrs. Denise Ocker
262-248-4120 ext 223
Mrs. Lynn Miller
 262-248-4120 ext 215 
Mrs. Anita Bettinger
Speech Pathologist
262-248-4120 ext 225 
Dr. Samantha Polek   District Administrator 262-248-4120 ext 203 
Support Staff   
Laura Long Business Manager 262-248-4120 ext 226
Ronda Davis Administrative Assistant    262-248-4120 ext 201 
Bernie Kruizenga Custodian 262-248-4120 ext 222 
Jennifer PearceChildcare Director 262-248-4120 ext 210 
Toni MeyerhoferInstructional Aid