Reek School Goals for 2016-2017

Excellence Goal

Students will increase their achievement/performance in academics, art, music, and PE.

80% of our students will demonstrate grade-level proficiency on the STAR Reader, Easy CBM, and content area assessment.

80% of our middle school students will participate in music/band solo and ensemble contest.

80% of our students will demonstrate proficiency in the end-of-the-year PE exam

Action steps for goal #1:

We will create a committee to monitor excellence.

Teachers will monitor student achievement on a weekly basis and provide remediation/enrichment as needed.

Teachers will provide personalized learning opportunities.

Students will set reading and math goals and revisit these goals each quarter.

Teachers will offer high quality instruction integrating content knowledge and technology.

Community Goal

We will serve our community in positive ways.

Action steps for goal #2:

We will create a committee to monitor community outreach.

We will provide a monthly evening technology session for families.

We will provide school events for family fun and academic enrichment.

We will develop our outdoor area for community use.

We will survey families at the beginning and the end of the year to determine the level of satisfaction with academics and school climate.

Respect Goal

We will build a school culture that contributes to strong character among staff, families, and students.

Action steps for Goal #3:

We will implement character education throughout classrooms and extra-curricular activities.

We will provide monthly character education assemblies.

We will provide opportunities for students to serve their community.