School Fundraiser
School Fundraiser
Elizabeth Narut
Friday, October 05, 2018

Students are selling Great American products during School Club's only direct sales fundraiser this year. These high quality items include wrapping paper, chocolates, nuts, jewelry, and other fine gifts. With every sale made, a 40% profit will fund Reek's new scoreboard for the gym. Students, please do your best to sell! Students have paper order forms and orders can also be taken via email. 

SHOP ONLINE at: Register, send emails, and set up texting tools.
Cash, Check, & Online Donations are accepted!
Orders and payments are due by Friday, October 12.
Delivery by Wednesday, 11/7/2018
Please make checks payable to: REEK SCHOOL CLUB

Check under the "School Club" tab to check out all of Reek's fundraising opportunities.